How To Call Facebook Help Number To Keep My Facebook Account Secure?

Facebook , being a prominent social media podium is ranked on the top since the last 7-8 years and facebook help number helped . With several users already registered and millions keep getting signed up due to the other reasons is the ample proof that no one can compete with social network at this moment It’s all because of the emphatic features that has kept the things working without emphatic user experience that has helped Facebook to reach new heights in comparison to its status at the time of advent.

Users keep making updates in the social media platform on a daily basis such as making modifications in profile picture, cover photo , uploading and downloading images as well as video with many other things that keep coming across as per their requirement.

With many business people utilizing this social media podium to enhances their opportunities to grow worldwide, several other users are available on this planet who look to keep their Facebook account private. As many of them have lack of knowledge, it’s not their cup of tea to deal with such issues. Due to unavailability of official Facebook help, users are not even able to get proper assistance to keep Facebook account private.

Best Privacy tools for Facebook:

here is the best info graphic over the internet which will help you into securing your Facebook account. just put your glance on it.

The procedure to keep Facebook account private through web browser or App is completely different. There are certain steps that need to be executed in a perfect way on a right direction which can help Facebook users to a huge extent.

Through Web Browser installed on PC or mobile device

Step #1 Access Facebook account using login credentials.

Step #2 Take your mouse to down arrow key seen alongside question mark icon and click on it.

Step #3 Doing this, drop down menu list will appear in which you need to find settings .

Step #4 Click on the link to get General account settings page appear on the screen .

Step #5 Once the page is displayed, you will find various tabs among which Privacy option is also there.

Step #6 click on the same doing which certain settings need to be modified under the sections “Who can see my stuffs”, “Who can contact me” and “Who can look me up”. Change the settings from Everyone to Friends”.

Step #7 Press save button to make settings effective.

Even if some of them have knowledge to keep their Facebook account private, then they are not able to get the things done due to one or the other reasons:

1. Server downtime issues.

2. Facebook app not responsive.

3. Login troubles come across on a consistent basis.

4. Slow internet connection

5. Robust script errors keep coming which are completely unresponsive

In case, you are among those users and facing troubles updating Facebook privacy settings then it is highly recommended to contact independent tech support team dialing official Facebook help number number toll free doing which experts can listen to your issues and provide you the assistance in terms of making updates in privacy settings in different sections one at a time.


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